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A religious historical dramatic miniseries about God's creation and physical landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
First off let me disclose I am an atheist. I don&#39;t believe the bible is real aside from a few small historical sections. That being said I love mythology of all cultures and when I saw Mr &amp; Mrs Saved by an Angel talking about how great this project was and how a country founded on Christian religion and ideals (it wasn&#39;t, but thats a subject of a different conversation) and how they were going to put the bible on film I thought to myself, I wonder how they are going to deal with the more controversial things like the sex/orgy/gang bang described in the Song of Solomon.<br/><br/>Then I watched the first episode, they condense a score of chapters and hours worth of stories into less than 10 minutes. No creation, no garden, no Cain and Able, 45 second on the story of Noah, nothing of the Tower of Babel or Nimrod, no mention of the angels raping women to death and creating the Nephilim. Nothing on Abrams marriage to his slave Hagar and Sarahis abominable treatment of her. <br/><br/>If fact the movie calls Abram Abraham from the moment he is introduced.<br/><br/>Straight to the story of Sodom, which has sword wielding ninja angels, and miraculously Lot never offers up his daughters for the crowds pleasure, I wonder why that got cut. As did the story of Lots daughters getting him drunk and having sex with him.<br/><br/>The we skip to the sacrifice of Issac which has his 111 year old mother running more than a marathon to try and stop Abraham, which isn&#39;t even in the bible. It makes you wonder who was writing this and how these asinine non existent story lines got filmed.<br/><br/>Then we skip EVERYTHING up until the birth of Moses. See a pattern emerging yet? Skip real stories of the bible that are uncomfortable by modern ethic standards, inset fake ones which are more palatable.<br/><br/>So now we are in Egypt where the Israeli slaves are decidedly ethnic, and the whip bearing African Egyptians are blindingly white - liberal guilt perhaps? We have the 10 Plagues, The Red Sea, and Moses walking up and then down the mountain, gone is the story if the rebellion and the reason why they were punished to wonder 40yrs, as are any of those stories from that time.<br/><br/>So Now we skip to Jericho. And yet gone is the scene where god commands every man woman and child slaughtered except the virgin women which can be raped in to a god blessed marriage, and gone is the scene where they obey gods command.<br/><br/>I stopped watching after that, I have no doubt such errors continue throughout the entire production
The only reason I even gave it 2 stars is just to applaud for effort of creating a Bible story at all on the history channel. Really it don&#39;t deserve on single stare due to the fact it is HIGHLY inaccurate with the Bible. On top of that it lacks important details that really matter.<br/><br/>Here are some examples: God sent a burning pillar between Israelites and the Egyptians when they were at the red sea to keep the chariots from coming to them, before they crossed the red sea. The cartoon is 10x more accurate if you want to know what the true story of Moses is all about, though the Bible itself will tell a lot more. Also when Moses first went to the pharaoh he turned his staff into a snake and also turned his hand shivered then back to normal. Moses meet Aron his bother before he went to Egypt, and he even wasn&#39;t excited to go back but instead looked for excuses like his terrible speaking skills and that the Hebrews don&#39;t like him. In the story of Lot being saved by the angels, also lack many important details. Actually it lacks all the important details. <br/><br/>Also Rahab hide the spies in a pile of hay and then let them down using some scarf\fabric thing (don&#39;t remember exactly what it was from the top of my head) and then they told her to hang that fabric then that they climbed down and her house will not be hurt nor anyone in it. Yet if anyone leave then they&#39;ll get hurt. Along with where&#39;s the part where Samson set all the foxes with their tails on fire through the philistine field burning their crops? For that is how he really revenged them for killing his wife. And that&#39;s only the big details.<br/><br/>And this goes on and on. Instead of wasting footage of what they&#39;d show next time, they need to have done it right. I couldn&#39;t even finish watching the series, found it a waste of my time. If i was in charge of this, it&#39;d be 10x more accurate just from the top of my head. Yet I&#39;d even look through the stories in the Bible to double check the details. There&#39;s way more accurate plays then this at plenty of churches.<br/><br/>Yet if you watch it from the beginning, what do they claim? Well the first thing they at all say is &quot;This program is an adaptation of Bible stories. It endeavor to stay true to the spirit of the book&quot;. Yet how can you stay true to the spirit of the Bible when you can&#39;t even get important details right? Things like the angels being poorly portrayed with how they&#39;re described in the Bible, those details are minor and excusable to an extent. Yet things like completely skipping the story of Joseph or showing Joshua meeting Moses with the 10 commandments when nobody was allowed on the mountain, those are big deals.

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